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The Mozart effect to put the baby to sleep, reality or myth?

The Mozart effect to put the baby to sleep, reality or myth?

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In recent decades, what is known as the 'Mozart Effect' has become popular to put the baby to sleep. This concept refers to the presumed benefits that listening to the music of the Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart brings to children.

According to some scientific research, his music causes multiple positive effects on babies and children. Among them the ability to relax them and get them to rest peacefully sleeping.

According to these studies, the musical combinations created by Mozart, their frequencies, their meter and their pitchstimulate the human brain reducing stress and calming babies and children. This helps a lot so that they can fall asleep more easily, especially when they are very upset or nervous.

At the same time listening to the music of Mozart at an early age contributes to activating our neurons which would favor ourdevelopment not only intellectual but also creative and cognitive, as some studies claim.

Other research, however, points out that the ‘Mozart Effect’ is a scientific myth since, according toIt would not be Mozart's music itself that would achieve these benefits, but rather the stimulation that the music itself provokes, since with it it is achieved that the little ones improve both their attention, their concentration and their comprehension skills.

These experts who contradict the results of the investigations that point to the Mozart effect, consider that there could be a economic interest in these claims Since after these investigations were published, the sale of baby items related to the music of the Austrian composer increased from the 90s until today. Thus, we can easily find on the market from CDs for babies, to music boxes, chimes or mobiles for cribs, among other products.

Whether myth or reality, the truth is that what is proven is that listening to music has innumerable advantages that are increased if it is also listened to from an early age.

For these reasons whether by Mozart or any other composer, Sharing music with our children can be very positive since with it the little ones get: develop their emotions and feelings, favoring their attention and concentration, stimulating their memory and creativity, although not exclusively since these benefits could be given by listening to any type of music and especially by listening to classical music.

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