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Numerology of the mother's name. Number 4

Numerology of the mother's name. Number 4

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Although most of the time we look at astrology to determine the character of fathers, mothers and babies, the numbers also have their secrets that can be revealed thanks to numerology. Discover what the character and personality of mothers is like according to numerology when the result of the numbers corresponding to their first and last names is the Number 4.

The number 4 symbolizes solidity. Mothers who according to numerology belong to the number 4 are usually organized mothers, who like to have everything planned. Endowed with a great common senseBoth their children and those closest to them come to them in search of sagacious and accurate advice.

They are also very mothers motivated, who feel very comfortable in motherhood and with great creativity and mental speed when it comes to solving problems. That creativity is what they use to invent useful strategies that solve problems. Protective as mothers, they also try to put themselves in the place of their children to avoid conflicts.

Mothers who belong to number 4 stand out for their sense of responsibility, which they instill in their children from babies. The same happens with values like sincerity and honesty, which they practice constantly and which they try to impose as a vital maxim. As such, they do not tolerate emotional blackmail so typical of some children.

As we well know, some traits of our personality can quickly go from virtues to defects, depending on the intensity we give them. This is the case of the famous tenacity of these mothers, with an incredible capacity for persistence that can become stubborn and obstinacy. And it is that mothers belonging to number 4, as common sense is presupposed, often sin from a closed vision of reality and a certain authoritarianism.

There are also frequent outbursts in the temperament of these mothers that can explode into a great argument, to forget it the next minute. Another of their virtues, sincerity, is the cause of one of the worst traits of these mothers. They often sink into the frustration. Unable as they are to deceive themselves and much less others, they are well aware of what happens when things go wrong and they feel guilty when they cannot solve it.

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