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Babies' Head Control - Parental TV

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The World Association of Early Childhood Educators AMEI - WAECE, with the support of, has opened this new window for early childhood education: TV for parents on the Internet. Parents and educators can watch videos with important tips on early childhood education, and get answers to the questions that concern them.

The time of development of each motor skill may be different for each baby. He usually keeps his legs and arms bent and his fists clenched.

When lying on his stomach, he turns his head to the side of his preference, usually to the place where the light is coming from or where the mother is situated. Around the third week, in many cases before that time, the baby raises the stifle and turns its head to either side.

In this way, you breathe more easily. During the second month, the position is more stretched out than in the first as you can lean on your forearms, lift your chest, and keep your head elevated for short periods of time. The arms and legs are still hunched and the hands are usually a little more open.

Throughout the third month, when he supports his forearms, he stretches his chest and raises his head in hypertension. Keeps your upper back straight, and holds your head upright. A month later, lying on his back, he raises his head when, grasping his hands, we exert a little force to lift him. With six months he controls the muscles of the neck.

If you are lying down, you raise your head to see your feet, and you are sitting down perfectly supporting the weight of your head. In this video you will find advice on how to care for your baby's head and neck, especially in the first months of life.

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