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Build a magical father-daughter relationship in 26 steps

Build a magical father-daughter relationship in 26 steps

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The role of the father in raising a child is as important as the role that a mother plays, what happens is that, sometimes, it is relegated to the background. Today we want to give a greater role to parents and we want to give them a cable in the education of children. We introduce you Top 26 Tips for Building a Magical Father-Daughter Relationship.

How many sleepless nights have you spent wondering if you are a good parent? How many times have you seen the glass half empty when maybe it was half full? You are not the only one who has gone through this circumstance, so today we want to tell you the story of Michael Mitchell, a happy husband and proud father of an 8-year-old girl who shares his thoughts and teachings to be the best father in the world.

1. Always by your side
Much is said about quality time and quantity. Without entering into debate, the most important thing is that you spend time together and that she notices that you are interested in her things. She needs her father to get involved and worry about the things that he experiences in every moment and stage of his life. Do not stand idly by while adding years to his life, add life to his years.

2. Become his hero
She will grow up looking for a hero, someone to become a reference, a person to turn to for help. Do you want to be you, even if you don't have a cape or blue socks?

3. Savor every moment you live together
When they are little we want them to grow up and when they are older we long for their baby days. Stop looking at the past or the future and focus on the present, to experience all the good that you can share. For example, the next time I touch bath time. Life passes too fast.

4. Neither judge nor referee
There will be moments, as the little girl grows older, when mother and daughter will argue and sometimes you may feel in the middle of the two. Let them resolve their conflicts. And if you have to opt for a posture, do it wisely and wisely.

5. Play
Take her by the arm, make the plane, jump with her on the bed, run through the park ... These moments will allow you to free yourself from the stress of the day, they will make you fit and they will become the best gift you can give to your daughter. In his head they will remain forever!

6. Surprise her!
When a special occasion arrives, such as her birthday, prepare a unique breakfast for her. How about if you wake up early that morning and start cooking some tortillas or making churros? We can't think of a sweeter way to start the day.

7. Make your mark
And what better way to do it than buying the same pair of sneakers, yes, of a different color? It will be a symbolic way of saying that you will walk through life together.

8. Give life rhythm
Don't wait for her wedding day to grab her arm and dance with her. Take advantage of any occasion to create a choreography with her and let yourself be carried away by the music.

9. Declare yourself
Don't be afraid to express your feelings. If you woke up today wanting to tell her that you love her, don't be shy! When you see her show up in that new shirt Mom bought, tell her how good she looks and how pretty she is! Words are to be used, not to be repressed.

10. Learn to say no
In this matter of parenting, situations will arise that, as a parent, you will not like to live. And it is that sometimes saying that it is not the best solution to avoid major problems. You will be glad of the decision made and she, with the passage of time, will understand it.

11. Take her camping
Discover the great beauties that nature hides and what is lost when you spend too much time in front of the television or with your mobile in your hand.

12. On wheels
If there is one thing that all children love to do, it is to pretend that they are car drivers. With the parking brake and keys removed, let her experience the feeling of getting behind the wheel of a car.

13. Educating in equality
Teach her that life is not pink or blue, that we are all the same, men and women, and that you are not smarter because you were born with braids or a goatee.

14. Horseback!
Don't be afraid of injuring yourself and, as long as it's small and you can bear the weight, let it climb up your back as if you were climbing the Himalayas itself.

15. To the water, ducks
Let her experiment with different shapes and textures. For example, getting muddy in a park, splashing in a pool, rolling on the grass ... You have to gradually discover the world.

16. Almost mandatory appointments
Do your best not to miss any magical moment for her. If we were talking about birthdays before, now we mention other dates such as the end of the year festival or graduation.

17. Shopping
Going shopping can be very boring for many people, but that is because they do not know how to choose the perfect company. Try one day to go shopping with your daughter, it will be a way to get to know her better!

18. Long live the bride and groom!
Between the ages of 3 and 6, girls experience a stage of unconditional love for their father. During this phase, don't be surprised if he tells you that he wants to marry you. What if you set up a "home wedding"? It will be fun!

19. to bed
Fears and nightmares will make you have your little girl on the edge of your bed for more than one night. Don't hesitate, open your duvet and let her snuggle up next to you.

20. Day in the park
Before you discover swings, you have a mission: to strengthen your arms. And is that when he realizes that there is this attraction in the park he will only want to ride it and he will tell you all the time: "Higher, higher".

21. Offer comfort
When a person is sad and crying, they look for a hand to hold on to and a shoulder to lean on. There you have to be.

22. You are his best gift
For Christmas or for her birthday, your daughter will receive games, stories, dolls, cars ... But you must never forget that you are her best gift.

23. A little butterfly
Your girl is like a butterfly. One fine day it will spread its wings and fly. Until then, enjoy this shy caterpillar you have at home! And, very important, say that even if you leave, you can always return.

24. Learn to trust her
As a parent, you have to give her the tools to join society and start making decisions for herself. If you do it with your head, she will always live up to expectations and circumstances.

25. I have a letter for you
Unbeknownst to her, write her a letter each year for her birthday telling her why that year was special. Save them and give them to him when he becomes independent or when he gets married.

And the day will come when she will pack her suitcase, a luggage in which none of the great moments you have lived together will be missing, indelible memories. When that date approaches, don't hold it back. Let me close the door of your house and don't blink. You have done great!

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