A comfortable and safe way to carry babies

A comfortable and safe way to carry babies

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This weekend I had to accompany a friend to the hospital because, due to a sprain in her left wrist, I had to put a cast and a sling to reinforce her arm.

In the corridor of the hospital I came across a woman who also wore a cloth around her neck. The only thing is that she was wearing it to hold her baby who, peacefully slept well tied up and close to her body. The wrap, sling, kepina, ... are becoming more and more fashionable among moms. And is not for less.

Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, more and more the famous and also the non-famous, those who use this type of transport to carry their babies. It seems strange when you first see a baby hanging on a cloth tied between the waist and shoulder of his mother or father, but those who have tried it say that this technique provides many advantages to babies and their parents. In fact, Indians from different parts of the world always carried their children tied to their body, to carry out their tasks more freely.

They say that carrying the baby in this type of accessory reduces colic, encourages sleep, reduces crying because it feels more protected and safe, and that it learns more, as it moves through different environments, observes more, and awakens quickly. In addition, it favors the affective bonds between parents and children.

For parents, it is a relief, mainly for their arms, and allows them greater freedom of movement. Both the sling, the kepina and the wrap are, in fact, types of baby carriers, which only differ in the way the fabric is tied.

1. Through kepina
Kepina is a square cloth measuring about 1.20 x 1.20 m, folded diagonally, forming a triangle. You join the two largest limbs, and knot them. To fit the baby, you just have to pass the excess tip through the middle of the baby's legs, pull the fabric up, between your body and your baby's. To remove the baby from the kepina, simply pull it over the head, without untying it.

2. By wrap
The wrap is a cotton fabric band, measuring about 4m x 0.75m. With it you can tie the baby as is most comfortable

3. Via pouch
The pouch sling is the most practical and comfortable to use. It is not about tying the baby, but about holding it. The cloth girdle is sewn, forming a kind of tube. It fits the baby better, especially those who do not yet have control over the neck.

4. By sling of rings
The underwire sling (nylon or metal) is a long strip of fabric, about 2m x 0.75m, that is tied to the body with underwire. It is simpler and easier to regulate. The baby will feel like he is in a hammock.

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