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Working mothers are responsible for childhood obesity, study finds

Working mothers are responsible for childhood obesity, study finds

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The childhood obesity It is one of the plagues of the 21st century against which we all, mothers, fathers, teachers and authorities, have to fight. We are all aware of this, but from there to fully blaming working mothers for childhood obesity there is a stretch, right? And it is already too stressful to reconcile work and personal life for them to add more pressure.

What relationship can there be between a mother who works outside the home and the weight of her child? You may be surprised by the answer as well as me, but the fact is that according to a study by University College London, working mothers - it doesn't matter whether they do it full time or part time - have blame childhood obesity and if, in addition, you are a single mother even more so.

All this is affirmed by its author, Professor Emla Fitzsimons, after analyzing more than 20,000 relatives in the United Kingdom. "We found that children whose mothers work are more likely to have more sedentary behavior and poorer dietary habits," he explains.

In that research, it was suggested that children of mothers who work full time are 29% less likely to eat a regular breakfast and 19% more likely to watch television for more than three hours a day.

In contrast, the scientists concluded that the father's employment "does not have a significant effect" on the weight of the children. Instead, they suggest that fathers are more likely to be "active players" in the well-being of their children if mothers provide most of the childcare.

As you can imagine, the criticisms of this study have not been made wait on the networks: "As if we did not have enough sorrow, damn if you are a working mother and damn if you do not work" says a tweet, while others exclaim, " It's the women's fault again, "and some use the irony," How dare we leave the kitchen sink, have ambition, and really enjoy our jobs! "

And what do you think?

Whether or not this relationship is true, from We want to contribute our grain of sand to the fight against childhood obesity and for this we have compiled some of the advice that the World Health Organization (WHO) has prepared to change the eating habits of our children and the whole family !:

- Encourage the consumption of healthy foods
Our menus should include a lot of fruit, vegetables, fish and legumes. And how to make our children eat these products? They must first see us, we are a mirror in which they are reflected daily! Second, making them participate in the moment of shopping and cooking. It will be very fun! And third, preparing fun and appetizing recipes. You can play with colors or shapes!

- Avoid unhealthy foods
Many times parents are not aware that products such as industrial pastries, sweets, soft drinks and everything that is processed food are the greatest enemy of childhood obesity. Let's reduce, and if possible, eliminate them from our diet forever. We know that it is difficult because in the supermarket they are strategically placed so that the child demands them and on television they are continuously advertised, but it is in our hands.

- Be aware of what you buy
The next time you go shopping, stop for a few seconds before putting a product in the cart or basket and examine the labeling carefully to see how much sugar each food contains. The consumption of free sugar recommended by the WHO would be: 25 grams a day for adults, 17 grams a day for children between 2 and 11 years old and 0 grams for lactating babies (0 to 2 years).

- Reduce sendentarismo
Today's kids have a hard time moving. It is not that they are lazy but that their leisure alternatives are changing. Now they prefer to spend time in front of a computer screen playing Fornite or with their mobile, exchanging messages on WhatsApp or liking that Instagram photo that their best-friend has posted. Let's find alternatives for them to leave home and move!

- Promote physical activity
The benefits of exercising, both for children and adults, are multiple: it improves school performance and self-esteem, increases respiratory and muscular capacity, reduces fat, helps bone health ... Come on!

- Take care of our diet during pregnancy
And, something that does directly affect women, we must take care of our diet in pregnancy because since the little ones are in the mother's gut, we can educate their palate and start to instill in them and transmit healthy habits.

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