Holy Week

Easter and Easter with the children

Easter and Easter with the children

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After the long Lent, the Holy Week It is one of the most important religious holidays for Christians. It starts with the Palm Sunday when the faithful go to mass carrying olive branches (symbol of the entry and reception of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem) and culminates with the Easter Sunday, which means Renaissance and Resurrection.

Most of the children have vacations at school coinciding with Easter, a moment that is used to enjoy a few days of rest without classes or homework, to travel with the family and to taste and eat all kinds of cooking recipes related to the Holy Week. However, we cannot forget its meaning, nor why Easter is celebrated all over the world.

In Holy Week, the Passion, death and resurrection of Christ are remembered. On Holy Thursday, the day on which the Last Supper is commemorated, the religious liturgy acquires its greatest importance, since the suffering of Christ on his march to Calvary and his subsequent crucifixion is remembered.

Holy Week concludes on Sunday, with Easter, remembering and celebrating the passage from death to the life of Christ, son of God. It is precisely at Easter where the whole life of Christianity is based, based and revolves. Its tradition is ancient and it is a festival that is celebrated by more than 1,000 million faithful throughout the world.

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