The benefits of theater for boys and girls

The benefits of theater for boys and girls

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Children's theater is part of the list of extracurricular activities offered to children. To do theater it is not necessary for the child to be an artist and have an innate quality for it, it will be enough if he wants have fun, make up and act out stories, and make friends.

Theater schools, through games and group or individual activities, are ideal for helping children develop verbal and physical expression, and stimulate their memory capacity and mental agility. It also helps children retain dialogue and tongue twisters, improving and favoring his diction.

With the theater the child increases their self-esteem, they learn to respect and live in a group, know and control their emotions, discover what is discipline and perseverance at work, in addition to coping with the public.

The theater can also be used to:

1 - Reinforce academic tasks such as reading and literature.

2 - Update the child in subjects such as language, art and history.

3 - Help in the socialization of children, especially those who have difficulty communicating.

4 - Improve the concentration and attention of children.

5 - Transmit and instill values.

6 - Encourage children to reflect.

7 - Encourage the use of children's senses.

8 - Motivate the exercise of thinking.

9 - Stimulate creativity and imagination.

10 - Make children feel more secure.

11 - Help the children to play with their fantasy.

The best age for children to start attending drama classes is after five years of age. At this age, the child will be able to read, understand, and his memory power is high. Children absorb everything they hear.

The fact that the child begins to do theater does not mean that he will become an actor. Children, in children's theater, neither do theater nor learn theater. They play create, invent and learn to participate and collaborate with the group. Children's theater classes are therapeutic and socializing. Group work, psychomotor exercises and physical contact between classmates are the basis of dramatic education.

The theater is an inexhaustible field of fun and education at the same time. For the little ones, the theater should not be restricted to the representation of a show. Children's theater is not about promoting and creating stars, it should be seen as a experience gained through play.

Theater plays to put on with the children at home

Smug Mouse script. We offer you the play La Ratita presumida for children. Download the script of all the characters of the Play La Ratita Presumida. Children's play for six or more characters. A classic and very popular tetaro work for children that conveys values.

Short play of The Cunning Mouse. Here you will find the script for the short play for children entitled The Cunning Mouse. It is an ideal theatrical performance for parents and teachers who want to educate children in values. Specifically, this work deals with the value of generosity. It has four characters.

Screenplay for The Emperor's New Suit for children. Here you will find the scripts and characters of the play The Emperor's New Suit for children. This is a play for 8 characters. Print out the play and the script for each of the characters so that your child can perform with his friends or siblings the play of the Emperor's New Suit, a play with values ​​about appearances, flattery and sincerity.

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