10 tips to stimulate children with autism

10 tips to stimulate children with autism

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As we well know, each human being is unique and unrepeatable. So from birth, we have our own identity stamp when it comes to doing things, communicating, having fun or relating.

We must think that, just as no two baby cries are alike, there is also no unique and exemplary development in childhood. Therefore, stimulation in childhood has to be personalized in children with disorders such as autism, Asperger's, Rett's disorder, etc. This is how we can stimulate children with autism.

Who has not ever preferred to play alone than to share their doll or their car? This is an introverted action that when it is generalized and affects the child's social and communication relationships, can give way, broadly speaking, to a Autistic spectrum.

The question is: How can we stimulate the child before this internalization or closure in himself? Or how can I get to play with my son?

Before these questions, the word empathy appears: putting oneself in the place of the other and personalizing the interaction with the child. Why do we have to communicate with the child only orally? That's where the multisensory stimulation, using all sensory channels to reach it.

Here's how this is put into practice for a child with the autism spectrum:

1. Do you like to draw? Communicate by drawing And when you get their attention, verbalize what you draw.

2. Do you like to build? Do them with him but without invading your space. In this way you will be capturing their attention, stimulating.

3. Boost the interaction in what you like to do doing it with him or her.

4. If you present acoustic hypersensitivity, avoid crowded places.

5. To perform a task, give short, clear and simple orders.

6. Don't do things for the child, give him time.

7. Respect his order and his ritual, that is, if you prefer to store toys in a certain way, do it the same. This will allow you to empathize and be able to do tasks together.

8. Encourage imitation to get to communication. Through play we will better reach the child.

9. Reinforce what you do well. Reinforcers are anything that the child likes and can be, among others:

- Groceries: Any type of food or drink.

- Tangibles: Toys or objects that, due to their smoothness, attract the child's attention.

- Activity: Leisure activities or hobbies. They can be games.

- Social: Compliments and compliments that are accompanied by caresses.

10. Make pictures with pictures of basic elements for eating, bathing, even dressing with food. Stick them in a place where he can see them to point out what you want. You can ask, what is it? and name the objects yourself.

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