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First Aid Course for Parents

First Aid Course for Parents

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Parents can and should learn how to treat minor injuries or how to react to an accident that may occur to their children. Courses that teach some techniques of accident prevention produced at home and in leisure moments, and that at the same time solve the doubts that many parents have about first aid.

Many parents are overwhelmed and do not know what to do or how to treat minor injuries, or how to react to a drowning, a choking, a bite, or some other accident that may occur with your children.

It is very important for fathers, mothers and caregivers of children have first aid knowledge and skills. Accidents are not announced, so we must all be prepared to react appropriately in dangerous situations such as blows, injuries or burns, safely.

How to treat and cure children

First aid kit. our site offers a series of tips to prepare a first aid kit at home. We teach you how to make a first aid kit with everything you need. Suggestions for preventing domestic accidents with children, such as burns, wounds, etc.

How to react to a childhood drowning. First aid to children in case of drowning. Tips to act in case of drowning of young children. Safety, prevention and care measures to avoid child accidents in the bathtub, in the pool, on the beach, rivers, lakes, tobacconists, etc.

How to heal a burn in children. Fire, hot liquids, caustics or chemicals, electricity and the sun are the agents that can cause burns. In children, the origin is usually accidental or domestic. Types of burns. How to cure a minor burn to a child? What to do when the child has a blister? Tips for curing skin burns in children.

How to calm baby bumps. After school holidays, outdoor games, long days without many tasks to do, fun and free time, it's back to school. Children have to adapt to new schedules, different routines, games in the yard with friends, and spend more time indoors.

How to heal the wounds of children. Wounds to the skin, other than simple superficial erosions, often require healthcare. Discover how to clean and care for your children's wounds from cuts or falls. Learn to distinguish between a serious wound and a superficial one.

Tricks to cure bumps in children. To know how we can take care of our children when they make a bump, our site gives us a series of keys to cure them at home. How to relieve pain from bruises and bumps in children. Accidents with children are inevitable even if we watch them. It is difficult to foresee the falls and blows of our children.

How to stop bleeding in children. First aid to children with bleeding. Tips to act in case of nasal, ear or mouth bleeding in a child. Measures and care to avoid childhood accidents.

How to cope with febrile seizures. What to do during a child's febrile seizure. Learn about the symptoms of a febrile seizure and how to react to it. What parents should focus on during and after their child's seizure. Febrile seizures in childhood, what they are and why they occur.

How to react to a poisoning. What to do in case of poisoning of a child. Tips on how to act in case of poisoning of young children. Measures and care to avoid childhood accidents. Products that can become poison if consumed by children.

World First Aid Day. World First Aid Day. Protect your baby. It seems like nothing ever happens until it happens and the accident happens suddenly and by surprise. For this reason, we must all be prepared and know how to act during the first minutes until medical assistance arrives. This performance, in many cases, can save a life over when it comes to young children.

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